Why Recycle Your Mattress?

When using Evergreen’s Mattress Recycling service, you are supporting two very important initiatives. Each mattress that Evergreen receives is separated and broken down into its individual materials which are then recycled, saving it from the landfill and creating work for many local individuals in the process.

Every year, Canadians dispose of over 5 million mattresses and box springs into landfills. Weighing an average of about 70 pounds per mattress, that is millions of pounds of materials unnecessarily being disposed of and buried. Not only does this cause immeasurable harm to our landfills, but it costs tax payers countless dollars to handle, process and dispose of these items.

By making the choice to recycle with Evergreen, you are supporting our employment programs and helping to impact local individuals lives for good! Since 2011, we have been able to invest over $1,000,000+ back into the local community, as well as employing nearly 200 people! Evergreen is a non-profit company, investing 100% of its proceeds back into our local community.

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