About Us

4 Good Homes Serivces is social enterprise created by Redemptive Developments, a not-for-profit based out of Edmonton Alberta, who’s mission is to alleviate poverty through employment. We are a multifaceted organization, providing professional services to Edmonton and the surrounding area.

As a social enterprise, 4 Good is structured to focus on its staff and its social mission rather than simple profit. 4 Good strives to offer entry level laboring employment, and re-invests it’s proceeds into our many non-profit community programs. Most importantly, we make the choice to pay a “living wage” opposed to simply paying a “minimum wage”. Our managing staff are seasoned and qualified industry professionals, and mentor employees into advancement through the company or further employment within other industries.

Social Enterprise

An organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being, rather than maximizing profits for external shareholders.


Our Story

Redemptive Developments was established in 2011, when three front line social workers began to identify needs that arose within their charity due to a decrease in financial donations. Equipped with many years of experience in the for profit business sector, these three began to build a strategy to offer a viable and sustainable solution to meet their non-profit’s financial needs. Their desire to change the way non-profits operate and seek funding, along with a motivation to empower people through employment, led to Redemptive seeing rapid growth. In 2015, Redemptive Developments decided to re-brand its home services division under a single name, 4 Good Home Services.

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